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there is no excuse!

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To paraphrase two separate songs by one of my favorite bands, Guided by Voices, I am both a sad and a hot freak. I am also a multilingual curmudgeon, living in the beautiful city of San Francisco, California, with my lovely wife and horrible cat, whom the vet describes as "obese and fractious," and whom I resemble in more ways than one. I work in the nonprofit sector, and dig travel, reading, writing, nightlife, cartoons, rock and roll, beer, and drinking so much coffee it'll make your ass hurt. Among a couple of other things.

I play the guitar and keyboards badly but with great enthusiasm, as well as doing something that can sometimes be mistaken for singing, and am always seeking out fellow lo-fi, lo-talent plonkers to collaborate on an indie rock monstrosity. All encouraged to apply, especially if you play drums, have a practice space, and have a high tolerance for monotony.
'rong wongsawan, activism, analog synthesizers, anime, annie proulx, antonio gramsci, atheism, bad art, beer, boredoms, califone, cambodia, caravan, cartoons, cats, cheese, coffee, concertinas, concerts, cooking, cult films, dada, dengue fever, direct action, emir kusturica, eurotrash, fair trade, foreign films, foreign languages, four track recording, gabriel garcia marquez, getting the goods, godzilla, grandaddy, guitars, haruki murakami, homebrews, iced coffee, indie rock, internet, isaan, japanese, jataka stories, jeunet and caro, jit phumisak, karl marx, khmer, khon kaen, lao, laos, leninism, linguistics, lower haight, magic realism, melodicas, mexico, miguel de unamuno, milorad pavic, molam, monsters, motels, mp3s, museums, music, nightlife, noise, obsolete technology, old timey, orhan pamuk, phleeng phua chiiwit, photography, pioneer valley, portugal, portuguese, pox world empire, public enemy, public image limited, public libraries, public transit, pulp cinema, punk rock, reading, red bean ice cream, revolution, robert sheckley, rock steady, rodents, russian, sake, san francisco, sandino, satie, schoolhouse rock, siam center, sleeping, social justice, socialism, socialist realism, soju, som tam, songs for life, spanish, speed racer, stereo total, stereolab, surachai janthimathon, sushi, sustainability, thai, thai food, thai music, thailand, the acid fishsticks, the fall, the pixies, the smiths, theravada buddhism, trade policy, trains, translation, travel, ukeleles, vietnam, vladimir nabokov, weird musical instruments, whisky, wobblies, writing, yard sales

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