telebikun (telebikun) wrote,

Alphabet Songs

The estimable malconstant has once again pointed me in the direction of that most noblest of internet fartaround inducers, the meme. He listed the ten favorite songs he could think of starting with a particular letter of the alphabet. I commented, and he gave me my very own random letter, an S. So here, with little ado, are ten of my favorite songs that start with S.

Star Power Sonic Youth
Substitute The Sex Pistols (covering The Who)
Storm Vibrations Guided by Voices
Satellite Robyn Hitchcock
She Don't Use Jelly The Flaming Lips
Still Ill The Smiths
She Cracked The Modern Lovers
Soeng Isaan Caravan (OK, I cheated a little on this one--it actually begins with a ซ)
Snowfall The Halo Benders
Son of a Gun The Vaselines
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